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North Georgia Builders constructs sunrooms in various forms depending on your budget and needs. Most clients request four-season rooms thanks to their functionality. Allowing for heating and cooling makes them ideal for use all year round, no matter the season.

Our attached greenhouses are also popular, especially among plant lovers. These sunrooms have all the impressive qualities of four-season designs but with the advantage of offering optimal requirements for growing plants. Lastly, we also design mesh-screen or walled sunrooms, which work if you are on a tight budget. These structures are cheaper and are best used when the weather is nice.

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What To Know Before Building a Sunroom in Alpharetta, Cumming, and Johns Creek

North Georgia Builders specialize in creating transitional spaces linking your house to the outdoors—perfect for watching the sunrise or unwinding after a long day. Our sunrooms in Cumming, Alpharetta, and Johns Creek allow you to experience the perks of outdoors while snuggled in an enclosed indoor-like space.

Planning for a sunroom entails finding the best location for it, ensuring you can make the most of it. Your climatic conditions will determine the sunroom’s design and whether there will be a need for window treatment or an extra cooling or heating system. Sunrooms in Johns Creek, Cumming, and Alpharetta come in various materials, with vinyl being one of the most common due to cost-effectiveness, easy maintenance, and insulation capabilities. Aluminum, another popular material we offer, is typically used for the roof. Lastly, wood, while the more expensive alternative, offers a nice aesthetic.


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You need a sunroom made of high-quality materials that will serve all your needs, whether you need a place to relax, watch the sun rise or set, read a book, or set up a greenhouse. North Georgia Builders helps you build a cozy and functional room to effortlessly improve your home’s aesthetics and withstand the tests of time.



We are available to offer professional advice for all your sunroom building, renovation, and remodeling needs, as well as scheduling designs and planning for your next project. You can easily schedule a consultation by directly contacting us.

Guided by the experts, it is easy to play around with the features of your sunroom. We help you find the best type of lighting, walls, and flooring catering to all your needs.

Thanks to advanced 3D modeling technology, every client gets a customized experience finding the perfect design according to their requirements. Every client is unique, and we focus on individual preferences and specifications.

Based on the project, the type of sunroof, and the materials used, we offer warranty coverage to give you time to enjoy your new structure.

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