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One of the most common deck types homeowners request from North Georgia Builders is the attached deck, which opens from a kitchen, living room, or dining room. This deck type offers easy access between indoor and outdoor spaces. Wrap-around decks, meanwhile, are more intricate, connected, and open to various other rooms.

The detached or floating decks are free-standing outside and not permanently attached to the house. We also offer a multi-level deck, which is ideal for houses on slopes or rocky landscapes. These provide individual decks on different floors linked by staircases. Our special decks are also built for special needs, like the swimming pool, entryway, and garage or rooftop.

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Benefits of Hiring North Georgia Builders As Your Deck Builder in Alpharetta, Johns Creek, or Cumming

We design and build decks outside the house, which are perfect for outdoor activities. As a deck builder in Johns Creek, Cummings, and Alpharetta, North Georgia Builders offer various designs and use different materials based on your needs. Spending a little extra on a professional deck builder means getting a quality and long-lasting structure. Your home value instantly increases, which is a plus if you plan to resell.

North Georgia Builders also revamps outdoor spaces that you can use for all your recreational activities. Since we pay careful attention to every detail, you are sure of a safe platform for pets, kids, you, and everyone stepping into your home.

You may be like many of our clients who want a deck attached to a specific part of the house or a different room that offers easy access between the spaces. No matter the type of deck, North Georgia Builders ensures your satisfaction with the end results—an aesthetic platform that you and the rest of the family can use and enjoy.


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North Georgia Builders constructs decks in various designs, shapes, sizes, and materials. Seeking our expert opinion means getting help when deciding on the perfect deck based on your budget, location, and needs. We help you create a safe and cozy space for the entire household that will revamp your home and increase its value.



Thanks to their quality, structural integrity, and aesthetics, Cedar and redwood are builders’ favorites for deck construction. However, decks can also be built from treated or composite lumber.

Proper maintenance on your deck is crucial for it to serve you longer. The care needs depend on the type of material, but generally, it requires washing and resealing annually. Also, watch out for any discoloration, peeling, or cracking.

Given the aesthetic appeal and the increased functionality of a home fitted with a deck, its demand and value increase dramatically. This is perfect if you plan to resell your house.

Homeowners remodel their decks to revamp their houses, which adds value to the property. Remodeling your deck makes it more functional and keeps you and everyone else safe.

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