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Which Bathroom Projects Will Likely Require Permits?

Which Bathroom Projects Will Likely Require Permits?

Have you planned to make changes to your bathroom for a long time? You want everything done perfectly, whether you want to tear down walls, install a massive window, or change the fixtures. But before making any changes, you need to know if a permit is needed to remodel a bathroom. Read on to learn about various projects that may require permitting based on your local laws.

Full-Scale Bathroom Projects

You may need a permit for massive projects like full-scale renovations. If you consider altering your walls, reinforcing the floors, or making any other huge structural changes, you may require authorization because you must handle the project within your city’s standards. For instance, when changing the floors, they must be made of solid materials that are able to withstand certain weights.

Bathroom Plumbing

You may wonder if you need a permit to remodel a bathroom when you want to adjust your plumbing system. Maybe you want to add a bathtub, shower, or sink. This means making adjustments to the home’s piping, either by shortening or extending them. You will need permission for such projects to ensure everything is safe and up to code.

Removal of Bathroom Walls

Some projects, like tearing down load-bearing walls, need professional assessment. Some walls are for your house’s structural integrity, and as such, you need a permit to do so. So, why do you need a permit to remodel a bathroom wall? This is a tricky project that must be done according to standards. Otherwise, it interferes with the house’s structure and may cause damage.

Adding Windows

In most cases, any project that requires altering the house’s structure requires a permit. If you want a window moved, or a new one put up, you should check with your local laws to confirm whether you need permitting. However, simple tasks like replacing an old window with a new one won’t need permitting.

Electrical Work

What if you want to create new power outlets or reroute electrical work to make your bathroom more functional? Such massive electrical system remodels may also need permits to ensure that they are done safely and only by professionals. On the other hand, minor projects like replacing outlets or light fixtures will not require permitting.

Adhere to Local Laws When Handling Construction Projects

You must be excited about your new bathroom remodeling in Alpharetta, but the only way to ensure that everything runs seamlessly is by adhering to local laws. The last thing you want is for your project to derail because you lack the required permits. North Georgia Builders’ contractors understand the ins and outs of permit requirements in the region. They are ready to help you with your next remodeling project, so call them today!

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