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The Order of Kitchen Remodeling

The Order of Kitchen Remodeling

With the right plan and the best people for the job, getting a brand-new, modern, and functional space should take anywhere between 6 weeks to 4 months. The only way to make your dreams a reality is to know what comes first when remodeling a kitchen and the order of every other process. Here is a standard order to follow when remodeling a kitchen.


You start with planning, and everything else falls into place. Planning for your new kitchen must be thorough, considering what you want to keep, what should be discarded, what to renovate, and what to remodel.


Now that you have a well-laid-out plan, do you have the budget for it? You will need to bring in an expert to help you figure out whether your plan and budget align and, if not, make necessary adjustments.

Hiring Contractors

This is where expert kitchen remodelers in Alpharetta come in to check the plan and budget and then advise accordingly. You have to be careful to pick the right team of licensed and experienced remodelers who will help bring your idea to life.


Remember that you will need a temporary kitchen. Then, it’s time to order materials, find storage for them, and start the demolition process.

Structural Buildout

You had a plan made, and the contractors will use that to start framing or creating a structure for your kitchen. They will account for new doors, windows, and walls by preparing for the fixtures.

Electrical and Plumbing

These two are crucial for your remodeling process. There should be no mistakes here because appliances will need power outlets, and the new sinks will need plumbing.

The Finishing Touches

With the wires and plumbing in place, the next step in the order of remodeling a kitchen is to conceal them using drywall. Here is where your kitchen will start taking shape.

  1. Flooring: The floors are the next step, whether tiles, hardwood, or luxury vinyl.
  2. Cabinets: Installing the countertops and cabinets should take a few days. Here is where you should pick the best materials because they are what you see first when you walk into your kitchen.
  3. Appliances: Your kitchen is now almost done, and you can add the finishing touches, from the fridge to the dishwasher and more.
  4. Fixtures: It’s finally time for the smallest details. The fixtures include door knobs, drawer handles, lighting, taps, and anything else to tie it all together.

Contact the Experts To Remodel Your Kitchen

Not sure where to start when remodeling a kitchen? Experts from North Georgia Builders are here to help guide you from the planning to the final touches. Reach out for one of the most exciting parts of home remodeling.

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