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How To Survive a Remodel With a Temporary Kitchen

How To Survive a Remodel With a Temporary Kitchen

A kitchen remodel is an exciting venture that promises a brand-new, upgraded cooking space tailored to your needs. However, during the renovation process, your kitchen will be out of commission, leaving you without a functional area to prepare meals. This is why setting up a temporary kitchen during a remodel is crucial for maintaining your daily routine and ensuring your family’s dining needs are met.

Create a Designated Space

The first step is identifying a suitable location for your temporary kitchen during renovation. This could be a spare room, dining area, utility room, or even a corner of your living space. Consider factors like proximity to a water source, ventilation, and adequate lighting to make the area functional and comfortable.

Essential Appliances

With limited space, you will need to rely on small appliances to handle your cooking needs. Invest in a toaster oven, microwave, electric kettle, rice cooker, or portable induction cooktop. These compact appliances allow you to prepare simple meals without a traditional stove or oven.

Refrigeration Solution

Proper food storage is essential, so you will need to address refrigeration. Consider moving your existing refrigerator to a temporary kitchen during remodel or purchasing a compact, energy-efficient mini-fridge for the interim period.

Stock Up on Supplies

Before packing up your kitchen, ensure you have all the basic cooking essentials. This includes pots, pans, spatulas, tongs, knives, and cutting boards. Don’t forget to stock up on cooking oils, salt, pepper, and other essential seasonings. Additionally, have a set of dishes, flatware, and a trash or recycling bin readily available.

Meal Planning

With limited cooking capabilities, meal planning becomes crucial during a kitchen remodel. Opt for easy, simple meals that can be prepared using your temporary appliances. Consider batch cooking or preparing make-ahead meals to minimize cooking time and effort.

Outdoor Cooking

If the weather permits, take advantage of your outdoor cooking space, such as a grill or outdoor kitchen. This not only replaces your indoor range but also allows you to skip pots and pans, making cleanup a breeze.

Embrace the Challenge

While managing a kitchen remodel with a temporary kitchen can be challenging, it is important to stay positive and embrace the experience. Remember, this is a temporary situation, and the inconvenience will be worth it once you have your dream kitchen.

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