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Factors Affecting How Long It Takes To Build a Deck

Factors Affecting How Long It Takes To Build a Deck

Are you planning to hire a contractor to help you build your deck? If so, you want nothing but the best. However, you may wonder, how long does it take to build a deck? There is no definite answer to that because the following factors come into play to determine the time frame:

Permits and Inspections

Some projects have to be inspected and regulated, so time is allocated for planning and seeking permits before construction starts. You need at least a month to apply for a permit and have the project approved. In the process, factor in time for planning. The total waiting time to get a go-ahead depends on your municipality and other independent considerations.

Deck Size

The size of the project determines how long it will take. If you are planning to build a massive structure, expect the contractors to take a little more time. They will take longer to design the deck, gather the materials, and finish the construction. Luckily, the project will take very little time if you are constructing a small deck.

Complexity of the Design

Also, the more complex the design is, the longer the project will take. For instance, a single-level deck will need less time to build than a multiple-level one. If you want a deck with a roof structure or an intricate design, the construction will take more time.

Materials Needed

Any contractor will tell you that the materials used determine how long it should take to build a deck. If you are placing a special order for the best quality materials, you will have to give them more time to source the materials and wait for delivery. There are also instances where lumber shortages occur, and contractors have to work around them to build the deck according to your specifications.


Even though builders can work year-round, the current weather can affect their operations. For instance, it is more challenging to work outside in the snow during winter. Low temperatures, snowstorms, rainfall, and other extreme conditions affect or halt construction, which is why it helps to pick the most favorable time of the year to build your deck. The friendlier the weather and land conditions, the faster the construction.

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