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How We Handle Remodeling Your Bathroom in Alpharetta, Cumming, and Johns Creek

Bathrooms are some of the most fun spaces to remodel, and there are so many ideas to explore. North Georgia Builders can add ventilation with windows or fans and add plants for more color and life. We can also discuss the best flooring with you, which will last longer despite heavy usage.

Alternatively, if the space seems outdated, we can also swap out the old and bring in new fixtures and add a touch of modern luxury to the room. Adjusting the wall colors and playing around with the lighting will also elevate the space to make it look bigger, among many other amazing ideas.

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Why You Need a Bathroom Remodel in Alpharetta, Cumming, and Johns Creek

Remodeling your bathroom in Johns Creek, Cumming, and Alpharetta is the perfect way to replace outdated fixtures and make the space more functional, dramatically increasing the home's value. Buyers are willing to pay extra for a home with stylish and luxurious finishes, making it an excellent return on your investment.

Remodeling your bathroom can expand it to cater to your needs. North Georgia Builders can expand your bathroom by using features that make the space more usable. We declutter, alter the design, add more storage, or stretch the walls.

If you have peeling walls, broken tiles, faulty taps, or leaking sinks, our bathroom remodels in Cumming, Alpharetta, and Johns Creek will perfectly resolve all those problems, giving you a brand-new functional space. Lastly, a bathroom remodel helps add a touch of luxury. With modern trends, everyone is converting their vintage bathrooms into modern, luxurious rooms. There is so much we can do to make your space classier and enjoyable.


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If you are planning to update your bathroom in Cumming, Alpharetta, and Johns Creek but don't know where to start, or you have a brilliant plan that needs a professional touch, contact North Georgia Builders to help actualize those ideas. With experience handling various projects, you can trust us to handle everything according to your specifications.



Remodeling your bathroom automatically increases the value of your house by over $2,000, so you are sure of a high return on investment.

To prepare for a remodeling project, do thorough research to clearly understand what to brief us on as your contractor. Ask us for a timeline for the project and clean and clear up the space.

You can enlarge your bathroom space by using brighter light, installing more windows for natural lighting, adding more mirrors, using smaller fixtures, using brighter paintwork, and installing built-in storage.

Since you will be making extensive upgrades to your house, not just minor renovations, you are required to get a permit to make sure everything is done properly.

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